29 March 2011

I am an international financier, part the Xth

A bit behind on my international financier posts. I can't remember if I told you that Arlene from the Phillipines paid her loan on the pigs back in fully, but she did do. And on time, to boot. Sweet.

In more finance updates, Eric from Rwanda (pictured) is paying his loan back on time too. So far, so good.

According to Kiva I have some monies to re-allocate, so I'll find a new loan to fund and kick those monies back into the system, post updates here. Get excited. If you're on Kiva and have a pet project feel free to post in the comments. No promises but if it meets my criteria then I'll make a contribution.

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Shannon Green said...

My little man in Peru (http://www.kiva.org/lend/214210) paid his loan back so now I'm looking for someone else to loan to.

I love giving to people who are trying to make a living by handcrafting or using their talents or gifts.

Kiva rocks.