02 March 2011

Put a suit on (no not that kind)

It's more awesome in person, I promise
Been having some fun back and forth with my friend abut whether or not he should wear a suit to a job interview at a company that is explicitly 'business casual'. Since I put the casual in business casual every day, it may come as a surprise that I am unapologetically old school about (A) suits and (B) white-collar job interviews. You should wear A if you have B. No exceptions.

There was some pushback from my homie because he doesn't own a suit, and has 'never needed one'. Let's be clear: not owning a suit IS the need. One suit only, in basic black or dark blue, is suitable (HONK!!) for everything: funerals, weddings, interviews, trips to vegas, nice dinners with your lady, etc. You can find reasonably priced suits from H&M or Macys most any time of year, and get steep discounts if you hit one of Macys frequent sales.

What do you do if you show up to your interview and you feel overdressed? Display adaptability: Take your jacket off, roll up your sleeves, loosen (or remove) your tie and voila! You're good to go. If you show up and you feel underdressed, well, then you're just a jackass and didn't prepare properly. Good luck with that.

What does any of this have to do with the sweet ass one piece race suit (pictured)? Nothing, except that I went ahead and picked one up for my birthday. Brand new, though from craigslist, so I got a nice discount on the retail price. Still had the tags on it and everything. It was originally destined for a motocross racer sponsored by alpinestars, but he ended up giving it to his mechanic. The mechanic wasn't much of a road racer so he put it on the market.

It fits like it was custom made for me, which is problematic because a properly fitted suit is very hard to get in and out of by yourself. So much so that I tried it on at home to break it in a little and when I tried to get out of it I got stuck. Was a little claustrophobic for a few minutes, had to settle myself down before I could escape get out. More fun facts: you can't stand up straight in it, at least not for long, and not without, um, unfortunate uncomfortable tension in vital areas. Nor can you straighten your arms and legs completely. Fits great on the bike though, and looks the business.You care.

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