09 March 2011

Muppets are always an option

I trend towards Chaotic Good, if you must know
This was on the nerdist, and the comment in the original was "Well this is only the greatest thing in the world."

I think that might be an understatement. Only problem is my favorite character didn't make it onto the poster.

In related nerd news, the Royal Mail released a new set of stamps with 'famous wizards and witches'. I rate it only okay, mostly because they used photos of real people in some of them. I feel like that's cheating a bit. Tilda Swinton is not the White Witch, she is a person. The comparison is especially unflattering when shown next to artists renderings, as for Merlin or (personal favorite) Morgan le Fay.

I think this post has further reduced the odds of me kissing a girl. We're approaching zero asymptotically.

And finally, I've been load-testing the speakers with the Florence & the Machine record. Recommended.


Skot said...
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Skot said...

You know the best thing about asymptotic functions approaching zero?
They never actually reach it. I like those odds...you are golden.

Blair said...

dork i love you