10 July 2009

I guess that makes me the only one

The recent heartbreak of the bike crash (not my fault - other party assumed 100% liability, thanks for asking) has not prevented me from buying bike-related stuff. Case in point, this superbly kickass Belstaff 'Snetterton' motorcycle jacket I ordered from Urban Rider.

The brand is unusual in that you can't buy their leather jackets here in the states at all. I had mine shipped from London. You can find some of their textile jackets here and those are awesome for places where you actually have weather but I live in Southern California and I'd be the first person to tell you that the seasons I get down here are sunny and hot, sunny and cool, then partly cloudy followed by sunny and cool. So no need for much in the way of technical outerwear (close friends will point out that this hasn't prevented me from acquiring a stack of North Face and similar jackets in my closet, at which point I am compelled to remind you that sometimes I travel to places where it is cold, though only reluctantly).

In any case, this thing is effing awesome and I emailed Urban Rider to tell them so. They said thanks and let me know that they had not shipped one to California before, so as far as they know, I'm one of the only people here that has one. Which rules.

Though the jacket is surprisingly heavy, it looks the business and includes armor in the shoulder and elbows and protective padding on the back. You don't really notice how heavy it is once you get it on. I hope I never end up needing the protective stuff - I just love it because it looks cool on and off the bike.


Anonymous said...

yeah yeah jacket rules, checking back with no new posts sucks

erik said...

love belstaff!
i live in SCal too and was wondering how hot your jacket gets re: venting etc...

case said...

erik: check here -