20 February 2009

Yay for birthdays

It's great to hear from people on your birthday, but it's a bummer turning 35. Whatever to that, though. It's a good thing I charged my phone because it's been (almost) annoying how many times it rang today. Makes me feel special. I'm rich in friendship, and that's about as good as it gets until you have kids.*

In honor of my birthday, a coarse joke forwarded to me by a friend. I've tried to clean it up a little because my readership varies in taste, but it's my birthday. And I'm 35 going on 14, so dick jokes are still funny.

Love you.

* I'm actually not sold on the idea that kids are better, but people I trust tell me that they are the best thing ever. Your brain re-wires itself to make it FEEL like they're the best thing ever, but I'd suggest it's only your OWN kids that are the best thing ever, and that might be a necessary evolutionary event. Because if they weren't the best thing ever you would never put up with all their shit. And if other people's kids were the best thing ever then adoption rates would be a LOT higher. But that's me.

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