04 February 2009

Olympic-class bong rips

Lots of fuss in the news about the Photo of M. Phelps taking bong rips. I feel bad that someone took a picture of it and now he's getting so much attention. If a guy wins 8 gold medals and can't take a time out to relax a little then eventually he'll just have a meltdown. Imagine if you were a college age person and every time you took a bong hit there was a media firestorm. That would suck. I did appreciate the article on slate that explained how his epic bong rips are approximately 100% more epic than the average persons. Awwwwwwwwwwwsome, bro.

In unrelated news the 110 year old "lizard like creature" got his mojo back after they removed a cancerous tumor from his junk. That's him taking a cooling bath, presumably after he took care of business. Superb.

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