24 February 2009

Clearing up the backlog, part IV / "Ballroom Dance" spelled backwards is "aslaS dna abmuR"

I've got a stack of good images on my desktop but no good jokes in my brain. Oh well. Today you're going to have to imagine yourself some funny. Or mean. Knowing me it's probably mean/funny. (mean-funny?) In any case, here's a neat photo of the pavement artist Edgar Muller at work, along with some of his work all bundled together in a short album. I really liked the one he did with the cars and lava; click through for that.

Photo courtesy Edgar Müller/Rex Features / via the guardian.co.uk

In Ballroom Dance news: the lessons continue. I can now officially dance Salsa, Rumba, and Meringue as long as you don't expect much. In a pinch I can lead a girl around the floor in a waltz, but I wouldn't do it unless I had to. And it would look like hell unless she was really good.

My salsa dancing was recently upgraded from "what are you doing?" to "I've seen worse", so I'm feeling pretty good about that (seriously). The blue haired ladies at my dance studio fairly swoon when I glide across the floor.* Coming up in future lessons: Swing (which I was not an early fan of) and maybe some Tango, just for kicks. [see what I did there?]

Actual conversation w/ a (married) instructor during a class:

Her: Why did you decide to take dance lessons?
me: Learn something new, maybe meet some new people.
her: Girls love a guy that can dance.
me: Really? Hmm... Do you know any?
her: [laughs]
me: [tries to laugh, didn't realize I had made a joke.]

I'll keep you posted. Also, I'll do some more work on clearing the backlog. Get excited.

* Kidding. Kind of.

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david said...

that was funny.