09 June 2008

soul mates, babies, wii vs. xbox360

Big news this weekend: my friend James is getting a wii. I've been on his case about joining the digital age for quite a while now. He refuses to buck up and spring for the xbox or PS3. But his birfday is coming up and his in-laws thought the wii would be the coolest thing ever. Can't wait to ruin him on wii tennis.

Oh and also he and his wife found out they are having a baby girl, due this Christmas. So that's cool. But yeah, the wii!

In related news, my repaired xbox is slated to arrive this week. I'm glad it's coming back fixed, but also mildly depressed about how much I've missed it. it says something about my life and not something good. I guess I'll have to make myself feel better by shooting people over the intarnets.

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