03 June 2008

Dear Hillary: Go f yourself

I read on CNN that Hillary Clinton is "ready to be the vice president." In related news: I'm ready to be the next man on the moon.

The idea of Hillary as a veep is crap. Here's a few reasons why:
  • She is a cagey, manipulative bitch that has dragged the campaign on for far too long. As I type this she has refused to concede, even though her winning the nomination was a long shot months ago. For this she should be rewarded? I think not.
  • Her husband would think he knew how to do the job better than the president-elect (he would be right) and that his wife could do a better job (he would be wrong).
  • Two alpha dogs don't make a good leadership team. You need a chief, and then some indians. Hillary wants to be chief. 
  • Obama wants Hillary to fuck off back to New York, toe the party line, and try to help get him elected. He is going to pick a VP candidate that will balance out his "inexperience". And maybe help him out in some of the white southern states (and PA). Hillary is the opposite of that. 
Okay then.

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