10 June 2008

party of one

I already mentioned that the last two of my single friends are settling down. One hasn't been single for quite some time (that's him in the youtube video), but he hangs out.

The other guy, the King of Blind Dates [note: that's mr. special order in the photo for the blind dates post, but it wasn't him that went on the date] met a girl out and about and now he's in love, too. For f's sake. He had his first date on Sunday. Followed that up with date on Monday. Back to back date night? Is that legal? Next date is already on the calendar.

He's so in love that I heard they're shutting down the nukes at San Onofre; they can use his hi-strenf love to run the place instead. He's like the hulk, but instead of "Hulk smash, grrrrrrr!" it's more "Hulk loooooove... strong... yet tenderrrrrrrrrrr!"

So the dudes were busy last night, left me with even less to do than usual. I said "fuck you both, I'm taking myself out on a date."

I walked over to the mall, bought some books at the bookstore, had dinner. Party of one; I made it look good though. After that I walked home, took a jacuzzi, then worked out a (bad) song to play on the guitar w/ music and lyrics by yours truly. If there had been a girl there it would have been a good date. Even with the cheesy guitar. Instead I had to settle for my own company. Which, to be fair, is superb. ish. Superb-ish.

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