26 June 2008

San Onofre back online: Maybe four dates in 7 days was 3 too many

[photo credit some person on flickr. i would link to their profile but I lost it. oops.]

The Blind Date King had to rein in his love last week. It was too strong. The love won't power San Onofre any more. I don't think it will power a Toyota Prius.

I had posted a midweek update after he and Soulmates (as I'd taken to calling the girl) went on dates on back-to-back nights. He followed that up with a one day break, another date, a 2 day break, and another date. After a week and four dates the girl went on record, said it was too soon for her, let's take it slow. He was disappointed but took it well. Build a friendship, etc. and so forth.

He followed up the next day with a phone call. No response. Another phone call. No response. I guess by 'take it slow' she meant 'peace out'. Undeterred, he sent an email. [Ed. I was not in favor of the email. But the love was strong.] It was a paragraph chock full of sincerity and understanding. This is what he got in response:

Hope you are having a great day and week. We are slammed (once again at work). Talk to you later!


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