27 February 2015

Vaccinate Your Kids Already

Why do we even have to have this conversation? Coddled, rich white people. That's why. These people. Ugh.

For fuck's sake you have to get your dog vaccinated before you can bring it home from the pound. Most vets won't even see dogs or cats that don't have their shots. You can't bring a dog into the country if it doesn't have shots and accompanying paperwork. Do you know why? Because the diseases they might get and/and or spread are horrific. Did you know rabies killed 10/10 of the people it infected before we discovered how to treat it? That's worse than ebola! (9/10, according to the book I read.) 

Why aren't you vaccinating your child? If you don't vaccinate your child you are a moron. Western medicine has plenty of faults but virtually eliminating horrible diseases that used to maim or kill is not one of them. Vaccines do not cause autism. Your genes cause autism. Probably. They're your kids, and external factors have mostly been ruled out. So it was probably you. That sucks, but it's not a good reason to give your neighbor the measles.

This is like talking to bible thumpers about creationism. It is so stupid it's not even worth talking about. But because we live in a society where rich white people might get their feelings hurt and make sad faces we have to pretend that it is 'okay'. It is not okay to spread disease and misinformation. You can make a 'personal choice' to be an idiot and not vaccinate your kids if you want. But you're still an idiot.

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