27 February 2015


I was busy all week doing Work Stuff. Now I'm back and too busy getting caught up so it will have to wait until the weekend when I'm doing chores.

Until then, here is some spam email lovely poetry courtesy Ruby's Dad. Like me he can't help reading words in front of him, even (especially?) if they make no sense. It's like the word equivalent of television. I used to read the back of cereal boxes during breakfast because I couldn't not read them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, he was cleaning out his Spam and bumped into this gem: 

niabdev, Goku is nowhere to be found.
Tennessee Corps of Engineers approved of the site.
Rogers in her investitural address.
DEVI is the Kuldevta. Conrad Lavigne, CM, O.
Test matches to that time.
Charlotte away with their powers.

Charlotte, indeed.
More later. 

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