01 February 2015

Never Been to New Mexico

After years of incompetence and deadly violence and extremely limited accountability the Albuquerque PD is, umm, the same as it ever was. But now there's a record of it, so that's something(?).

100 million people will watch a stupid fucking football game and blather endlessly about the amount of air in footballs and get all red-assed about whether or not some guy answers questions about candy or his hat. Meanwhile the Albuquerque PD will be out there in those streets, killing the poor and mentally ill and hiding behind their 'authority'.

Like Burneko says: The American justice system is not broken. It is functioning exactly as intended. Carry on about your business. Enjoy the Big Game, and be deeply glad you aren't poor and live in the godforsaken shithole that is Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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Anonymous said...

american justice system is not broken article is amazing. I totally agree. thank you for posting.