20 February 2015


Tights Are Always an Option; Sleeves are Not
Thanks to the peeps for the birthday wishes. Yesterday the gym posted a picture of me thinking about maybe getting some exercise. Not actually doing it, but definitely giving it some serious thought.

Pull ups are good for you. People get wrapped up in how you do the pull ups because you can kip or strict or butterfly or band-assisted or whatever and then some pedant always says, 'welll that wasn't a REAL pull up because a REAL pull up is //lame definition of a pull up//'. Ugh those people are the worst. They wear crossfit t-shirts to social functions. 

Strict pull ups confine the work to your back (pulling) muscles. Kipping pull ups use your hips to take some effort out of your back. Butterfly takes some of the effort out of your back but adds work in the shoulders. Whatever. That is not important. 

Pull ups are hard. The range of motion is long. Your body is heavy. I don't know very many (any?) people that can do pull ups that are generally unhealthy or lack fitness. It's a keystone exercise: if you can do them, you can probably do a lot of other things, like run and lift and move and do. Get out there and give them a try.

Thanks again for reaching out. I heard from most of my peeps before 9 AM today, which is a sure sign I am getting very old. :)

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