30 July 2014


Figs are Yummy
I live in kind of a dumpy apartment complex. The inside of my apartment is okay but the surrounding neighborhood is mildly sketchy. Fine for me but if I were married or had kids I would not live here.

The adjacent property is home to a straight up mini-slum of rental units in terrible shape. It's a dump. But they do have a fig tree, which I pillage at every opportunity. I try and do it on the sly because I don't want to share them with any other neighbors but for the most part I don't think anyone notices besides the June bugs and birds.

Anyway, that's the tree in the adjacent yard / junk disposal area. Imagine you're standing in an alley / driveway / parking lot and there in the yard of the dump next door is this fig tree with all these delicious ripe figs. It's... kind of awesome. Urban foraging FTW.

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