14 July 2014

For All That It Meant and All That It Didn't Mean

The great Brian Philips writes about the World Cup. Looking at old pictures of my friends I feel the same way. He says:

Something I’ve noticed since I entered my mid-thirties is that no one ever looks the right age anymore. When I see friends I’ve known for years, they’re always a little older than I expect, a little different from the images I’m carrying around in my head. But when I see old pictures of them, pictures from the time when those mental images ought to originate, they look astoundingly, impossibly young. No one was ever as young as they look. They look like elves with goofy hair. So what am I picturing when I think of them? Something that never really existed, probably. Something both finished and unfinished, a story I’ve told myself. We tell ourselves stories to make time bearable. But the World Cup is over now, for all that it meant and all that it didn’t mean.

Great end to a great tournament. See you you in 2018. 

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Anonymous said...

jesus christ, that article is hands down the best thing I have ever read about sport