29 July 2014

Big News In Small Things: Mini-Newbs

Continuing with recent themes: friend of the blog Ze Newbs welcomed his baby boy into the world on Sunday, 27 July. Mom and baby are doing very well. Welcome Mini-Newbs!

I like to buy themed onesies for the kids. Last one I bought was a spacesuit onesie for Baby Samantha at the 'Murrican Museum of Natural History. It was awesome. I wanted one for me. If those things came in adult sizes we could have been matchies.

Not sure what I'm going to get Mini-Newbs yet. Probably a Giants onesie, preferably in the pattern and colors of the Giants home unis. (Best uniforms in Major League Baseball.) Possibly a 49er onesie. Those things are the cutest. Possibly both. Onesies are my favorite.

Big congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Ze Newbs.

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