23 July 2014

Don't Fight It

Dat Nose Tho!
Lately the blog is puppies and babies, babies and puppies. I don't know how we got here, because I have neither one of those things. It's not that I don't love puppies (so much) and babies (enh, not as much as puppies, but they're growing on me) - it's just that I'm more of a guns and motorcycles type of guy. Yeah we're shopping motorcycles again. It's a Thing. There's only so long you can go without owning a bike. I experience maturity differently than most people, and by 'differently' I mean 'infrequently, for short durations'.

Anyway, this is Ruby again, showing off her cuteness for the camera. Don't even try and deny how cute she is. Everyone needs more of this in their life. I'm scheduled to spend some time with Brutus tomorrow and I hope that guy is looking forward to some hugs. SO MANY HUGZ. I've been looking forward to it all week. Roxy gets a little jealous but there are plenty of hugz to go around. So yeah, we love the pups in this space.

Ruby is turning out to be quite the high achiever. So far she's doing very well with her training and is a quick learner. She's not into her hell-raising adolescence yet but those days are coming. She's going to chew all the chewables. Can't wait.

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Anonymous said...

AWE, hellogiggles! More furry things :)