30 January 2009

Yay for life skills: ballroom dancing

The Fat Kid is taking ballroom dancing lessons. They are expensive but it's fun and challenging and I think it will help balance out my other hobbies, which include weightlifting, playing guitar, and rolling around with sweaty guys in my pajamas (not shirtless, if you must know). Some observations after my first class and lesson:

- Total number of men in my first class (excluding the instructor) that were within +/- 5 years of my age: zero

- Total number of men that were AT LEAST 25 years or older than me (expressed as a percentage): 100; a couple of the old cats were pretty smooth on the dancefloor, though, so I tried to copy them.

- Number of women (excluding instructor) that were within +5 years of my age: 2; the rest of the ladies were on par with the men in terms of age. Imagine dancing with your grandmother at a wedding and that's more or less how I learned my first waltz steps.

- I'm pretty sure that some of the ladies loosened up with a couple glasses of wine before the class. They were not shy. It's great to be the only thirty-something guy, except when it's not.

I think the prohibitive cost keeps the late 20's / early 30's girls away. That and the fact that any girl with some sense can get a guy to teach her to dance for free. Which is going to be my move as soon as I learn some steps. hotness!

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