10 January 2009

let's review: watchable romantic "comedies"

From the comments section of a previous post, we get some additional suggestions for watchable romantic comedies. To wit:

hi-fidelity (yes the book is better blah blah) - Correct, the book IS better, but this doesn't work for me because I can't see a girl watching it and thinking it is good. Unless they love John Cusack, which is a possibility.

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind - Didn't see it.

chocolat - didn't like this one but that's just me.

notting hill - Don't remember this very well but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Definitely a chick flick but I remember it being mildly funny.

one might even argue for pretty woman - Hooker with a heart of gold? Seriously? This movie made a lot of money but the plot is beyond dumb. Hector Elizondo is the best part about this film.

My own addition:
Four Weddings and a Funeral - Funny and sad at the same time.

Don't have time for links today. I'll add them later if time permits. (Do I have to do all the work around here?)

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