29 January 2009

Sweet sweetness - using networks to create something extraordinary

This via slate.com.

The demo seemed magical, conjuring a whole new way of collecting the thousands of photos that each of us now produce during our lifetimes: Imagine being able to review your Grand Canyon vacation not as a static slide show but as a tour of the 3-D environment produced by your and everyone else's pictures. "This takes data from the entire collective memory of what the earth looks like," Aguera y Arcas told the crowd. "All of those photos become linked together, and they make something emergent—greater than the sum of their parts."

I'd make a nerd boner joke here but I don't want anyone to get in trouble at work. Just know that I'm a nerd. And my boner is set to "emergent".

Also - TED talks is bitchin way to kill a few minutes if you want to learn something new. I think I've mentioned it here before, but here are some of my favorites again:

Malcolm Gladwell
William J. Clinton
Richard Dawkins

Thanks for reading.

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