13 January 2015

Very Christian of You: Worship or Get Beaten

This has everything:
  • Doughy, righteous, self-important pastor with mil-spec haircut and macho goatee
  • 'Dangerous' bright kid
  • Gross abuse of power and authority in the name of religion
  • Physical violence from an adult to a child in order to teach them a lesson about worshiping Jesus
Apparently physical abuse is totally cool as long as you're doing it in the name of Christ. Something to be proud of, even. The kid learned to love Jesus AND that it's okay to hit someone in Jesus name. Efficiency.

This is how they teach at the Bible Baptist Church of New Jersey, courtesy Pastor Eric Dammann.

No word on what Pastor Eric's strategy is for adults who don't take the "Lord" seriously. Presumably he can't "punch as hard he can", not least because if you punch adults you will get charged with assault and/or get your ass kicked. But kids, enh, they can't fight back. Go right ahead and hit them.

I got a message for all the dangerously bright kids that don't take fictional characters seriously: it's not your fault you are smarter than your pastor / parent / teacher. Hang in there. It's a big wide intellectual world out there and it belongs to the future, which is you.

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Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate this guy gives the entire Christian religion a bad reputation. I guess it shows the power one person can have on impacting the world's view on several thousands, millions, billions, of people. Regardless of the issue of religion, physical abuse used to "teach" anyone a lesson is unacceptable. Must say that I feel for the Christian husband who goes to church every Sunday because it offers him a little bit of relief in his shit life after his wife is diagnosed with breast cancer for the 2nd time…if he didn't have that faith, his overall well-being would be considerably sad as he encounters the last stages of his life and contemplates the reality of death and what follows.