17 January 2015


Legally is Spel(l)ed Wrong! LO(L)
Mitt Romney is going to run for president so he can 'lift poor people out of poverty'.

I wasn't sure if this was a real thing, or if it was something on The Onion.
Turns out it's a real thing. Mitt Romney is a tone-deaf idiot that made a LOT of money by moving jobs offshore and laying off American workers. So he did create jobs (overseas). I don't have an issue with that in principle: businesses are in business to make money. But if you do that and then run for public office on a platform that claims you have the public interest at heart it is... disingenuous.

How is Romney going to lift poor people out of poverty in 2016? Last time around it was to raise their taxes ("broaden the base") and prevent them from getting access to affordable health care. Because he's an asshole. So: not at all going to help poor people, then.

What's great is he probably thinks he has a real plan to help poor people because he only ever talks to rich people. An actual poor person would know immediately that he was full of shit. Unless they were stupid. And it's the American electorate we are talking about so, yeah, maybe he's got a chance at the nomination again. 


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