11 January 2015

Love Your Pet!

Today is love your pet day around here. If you have a pups or a cat or a tortoise or whatever then please take a special time out and love them today. And then do it again every day for as long as you get to have them with you.

Pets are the best! Love them! Give them all the kisses! All your dog wants is to be told how good he/she is. Do it for me today, and do it for them every other day of the year. No one gets to the end of their life and says, "yeah I loved that dog too much".

If you have a cat then do whatever your cat likes. Treats and hopped up on goofballs catnip? Yes!

Enjoy your day. I'm in training in Foreign Lands all week. Do they have the internet in Canada? Hope so.

See you out there.


Anonymous said...

move on.

bsgarcia said...

will do