22 January 2015

Throwback Thursday: Your Love by The Outfield

My cousin that I don't really talk to called me on the phone yesterday. It was so weird and unexpected that although I saw his name on my phone I thought it was a mistake. Phones do not make 'mistakes' so I am very obviously a moron but it seemed more likely than someone that hasn't called me in over a decade would decide to reach out on a rando Wednesday. I about fell out of my chair.

Cousin Jeff is the oldest of my three older cousins, and he had a lot of money and the cool house and the cool car and a kickass stereo in both and was always going to exotic places and doing cool shit like getting punched by Don Johnson in Aspen (during peak Don Johnson) and going in and out of debt on development deals and wearing neon and a mullet and powerboat racing and traveling the world and modeling and doing all the drugs. And, significantly: leaving me the keys to his estate while he did those things, for which I am eternally grateful.

This song was an inescapable hit in the big 80's that defined my cousins heyday. He probably didn't much care for it then (or now) - his musical taste is more sophisticated. That's his loss, because this jam is solid gold. 

Word is that his life is something of a mess now. That lifestyle is only sustainable if you have an unlimited amount of money; he does not. I can't say I really knew him very well - we moved in different orbits. He was always doing stuff I understood but didn't relate to, even now as an adult.

Anyway, I gotta call him back and talk about... something.

Enjoy the Outfield.

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