20 May 2013

The People Have Spoken (again)

Ze Newbs weighs in from the comments section on his own awesome yoga experience.
Take it away, sir!

awful. i had a similar (not similar at all) thing happen to me at the studio i used to frequent in boston. boston yoga does not equal CA yoga. i.e. not so many dudes. like i was often the only one in a class of 15-25. the waiting room of this place was exceedingly small for the studio space and during class turnover it was a cramped mess. shoulder to shoulder and cheek to cheek...as in when i was squatting down putting my stuff in my bag while leaving one day i looked over to see the bare ass of one of the women doing a quick change of her pants. in the waiting room. 3 feet from the register. maybe closer to my face. my double take revealed she was not in fact doing a porky pig impression but had some oh so tiny undergarments on. i'm not a prude but geez.

That's a lot of awesome. We'll leave it there for now.

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