31 May 2013

Are they registered to vote in Arizona?

Hey remember when John McCain went to Syria to talk to the rebels? Get some firsthand, face to face interaction?

Ummm... what the fuck is John McCain doing with the Syria rebels? Seriously, what the fuck are you doing there? What part of the United States is Syria in? I can't remember; I'm not very good at geography.

What is he going to learn by going there? After he learns... whatever it is that he learned, what is it he hopes to accomplish? Hey I got some face time and we should give those dudes anything they want, no questions asked, because giving guns and explosives to rebel groups has never been an issue before.*

I love that McCain thinks the USA should arm those clowns. I also love that Russia sent heavy duty missiles to the Assad regime, if only to give McCain and his 'freedom' ilk a massive middle finger.

McCain probably still thinks the Iraq war was a good idea. One thing you can count on with those 'rebels' in Syria is that they have killed / are going to kill a lot of people. Assad might be a very, very bad guy but the 'rebels' will do what they can to outpace him as soon as they are able. It's good that they have a (cranky, irrelevant, windbag, idiot) US senator to stand up for them.

* While we're on the subject, how's the war in Afghanistan going? Badly? Oh.

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