17 April 2013

Politics Alert!! (Apologies in Advance) THINK OF THE CHILDREN

Big vote on gun control legislation today. I made the mistake of listening to the White House Press Briefing. It used to give me apoplexy back when W was in charge (and I use that word very loosely) so today was a pleasant jaunt down memory lane.

In his daily press brief the White House Press Secretary just drew a straight line from Newtown and Aurora to the background check bill currently sitting in the Senate. Specifically: "A vote against the bill is a vote against the people grieving in Newtown, and the people still grieving in Aurora." Wait, what? So I either support the bill or I approve of killing children and innocents? I'm not strictly opposed to gun legislation that makes sense, but if that's how they're going to frame it then they can get f*cked.

Bullshit rhetoric is bullshit.

Sometimes even the village idiots get it right. For example, Rand Paul, who is an embarrassment to sentient humanity in general and his party in particular, accused the president of using the Newtown families as 'props'. Which is horrible, but also true. No one gives a damn about the kids getting shot in Chicago on the regular but if 21 white kids get shot by a sociopath we have to make new laws for 320 million people immediately if not sooner. Except: No. 
In related news, the proposed legislation would have had no impact on the Newtown shooting, nor will it help the kids in Chicago. So what is the point of it, exactly?

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