07 February 2016

I Went There: Plano, Texas

(One in an occasional series.)

Hey is there a football game on today? I hadn't heard. 

As part of my job-related Great Western Tour I visited the Dallas metro area. And by that I mean I went to Plano.

Dallas chief attraction is that there are a lot of beautiful women. Like, a lot. Not much else to recommend it, if we're honest. The look tends to be very blonde with a lot of makeup. A lot of makeup is definitely not my preference but it seems to work for them. (A lot of makeup is a Dallas thing, as is wonderfully well explained here.) Aside from that: very little to report. Plano is malls, planned communities and office parks. Sterile and boring.

Ended up finding a birthday present for my mom (that's it in the picture). I hope she likes it.

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