28 February 2016

Dating is a Chore

After a bit of a break I'm out there in these streets, dating. I've never been a big fan of dating and since the last girl I dated could charitably be described as socially retarded (and uncharitably described as "a terrible human being") I am a little gun-shy. Fortunately dating new girls is relatively easy as I'm reasonably good at talking to people and they aren't all socially retarded. (Silver lining: the spectacular awfulness of the last girl makes for entertaining conversation when I am inevitably asked why I'm still single. The narrative of how I was a decent person dealing with a psycho that needed the threat of a restraining order to leave me alone seems to play well. Apparently there are a lot of crazy people out there. Who knew?)

The second-level question of why I was with someone so awful requires a bit of introspection but if delivered with honesty it seems to land well enough. People see what they want to see, and while that extended my own personal nightmare (see previous paragraph) it also works to my advantage when I meet someone new. Human psychology FTW!

So how's it going? Enh, it's going okay. It turns out that dates want to go 'out' and do 'stuff', and by 'stuff' I mean 'something besides sit on my couch and watch replays of League of Legends'. Weird, I know. Granted, sometimes they want to do cool stuff, like go to the range or clean guns or make out or see an awesome movie. But other times they want to talk or go to shows or spend time with me on my birthday or go to bars or go to a bar and then a show and back to the bar, possibly on my birthday. It's all more than a little exhausting. The struggle is real. And I need a nap. 

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