25 February 2016

I Went There: Boulder/Broomfield

Flatirons (barely) in Boulder, CO
(One in an occasional series.)

Went out to Broomfield, CO to do that thing where I get paid to talk to people and they talk to me and we all enjoy the fact that we got to talk to one another. It's a pretty good deal if that's your thing. (Getting paid to do stuff that doesn't suck is very definitely my thing.)

Boulderfield busted out the 'good' weather when I was there, which was kind of a drag because I prefer cold weather on a winter trip. (Not much in the way of seasons in the land of endless summer where I live.) I would probably have had a hard time driving in the snow, and also they must have some kind of bear problem in the area because the rental car had a stick in it that had a brush on one end and some kind of scraper on the other. I was told that you are supposed to use it to scrape ice off your windshield but that sounds like a nightmare so I assume it was for the local wildlife: bears, college kids, etc. Hence: bear stick. I was going to bring it home with me but didn't want to check my luggage.

Overall my brief experience with south Boulder was that I went to a yoga studio that shared room in a strip mall with a 'running' store (if you like using your shoes for something else then go elsewhere), a bicycle shop, a 'mountaineering' store, and a craft brewery. It was the most Boulder-y shopping center I could find. The yoga was good! You should go there if you're in the area. Also good: the sunsets. The sunsets were unusually good because all the people were taking photos so I took one too. I wanted to get more mountains in there but there was an ugly streetlight in the way. More sky!

See you out there.

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