19 January 2016

Update: Local Wildlife on the Porchalcony

Barry the Boss Bird on the Right
I've written some words about the happenings on the porchalcony before. Barry the Boss Bird is boss, and he runs shit.

Things have changed a bit since the last update. There are now too many hungry birds for Barry to hustle off the feeder. He is still just as angry as ever, but now he has to share, and he's not happy about it. Where his swoop and poop technique used to hustle off the interlopers they now just give him some side eye and keep on feeding. Or at least not flying away, which makes him salty.

He's working through it, as you do. If a bird refuses to shove off then Barry lands on the feeder and gives them a very hard look to let them know that he is still the Boss. Not bad for a creature that weighs about as much as a nickel.

Now that there are so many birds on the feeder over the course of the day I have to fill it all the time. Like, all the damn time. Used to be I would fill it about once a week. Now it is empty every other day, and this in the middle of our 'winter', so it's not evaporation as much as it is a nexus of super hangry (hungry + angry) birds.

Happy birding!

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