10 January 2016

Just Play the Hits: Bieber Sets a Record (HONK!)

Big Cheese sends this update about Justin Bieber and the UK music charts:

Justin Bieber has pulled off another chart coup by occupying the number one, two and three spots with his songs - a feat never accomplished before. 

I'm not ashamed to say that I have enjoyed Sorry and Love Yourself quite a lot. Yeah Bieber is a repugnant toad. So are a lot of artists. A hot jam delivered by a titanic asshole is still a hot jam. (John Lennon used to beat his wife, is what I'm saying.)

The reggaeton beat in Sorry is an irresistible dance floor destroyer. Biebs' producers deserve to get paid. Eventually the guy will fade into irrelevance, or maybe he will go supernova and die prematurely (don't rule it out - the guy likes to party), but for now we can add some new jams to his future Greatest Hits collection. Judge if you must - I'll be over here getting my dance on.

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Sweet Katie said...

Plus the girls dancing in the video are awesome! Win-win!