01 December 2014

Soft Target

Circa 1980-ish
The Star Wars teaser trailer dropped last week, if you hadn't heard. And if you hadn't heard then you probably aren't connected to the internet and/or interested in popular culture.

Grantland had a good summary of reactions. I have mixed feelings about the new movie, not least because George Lucas delivered three steaming piles of shit and then contrived to update the older movies in ways that only benefited his already prodigious bank balance, but Alex Pappademas contributed something that I very much identified with. Take it away, Alex: 

Look: I was really comfortable dreading and/or not caring about this movie when it was first announced, and I fully expect to get back there again before next December. But the Falcon is the Falcon. That first barrel roll felt like this trailer just reached out and high-fived my inner 8-year-old. I am a sour, pretentious turd and I want so badly to be immune to this bullshit, and yet I can’t deny that I’m in. It turns out that my heart is like that thermal exhaust port on the Death Star — after all is said and done, it turns out to be kind of an easy target.

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bsgarcia said...

i totally agreed with your initial analysis, every word; its concise and exactingly describes how I feel.

i totally disagree with Alex, he is a f'n idiot. If I get my heart broken and my childhood maimed MULTIPLE times repeatedly, with extreme prejudice and without exception; should I go back for more under the idiotic pretense that it will be different this time??? bloody unlikely, and anyone who chooses to do so is without question a train-wreck of a person.