27 December 2014

Let's Do This: Motorhead Hill Climb in Japan

This is the dope shit: Motorhead Hill Climb on the Mazda Turnpike in Japan. 

I know what you're thinking* - drifting is lame, engine noise is loud, something something cars something loud. But you're wrong. Free your mind and embrace the joyful noise that is blowoff valves, straight cut gears, and unmuffled race exhaust. Superb. And that backing track is good too.

They drove a GT40 up that hill. The GT40 is glorious. The GT40 is an enormous fire-breathing dragon that is thinly disguised as a race car. The GT40 will straight throw your shit off a cliff.

@ 3:50 the guy drifting the corner at full throttle in fifth gear(!!) is a hero. Drifting is lame but that kind of commitment is beyond mortal ken.

* Not strictly true.

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