18 August 2014

Old School: 1967 911S Flogged Around Laguna Seca by Pat Long

I have two uncles, one I talk to fairly often and another that I don't communicate with all that much. The latter had ambitions of being a race car driver after he got out of the service. It didn't happen (he became a journalist, and wrote about cars instead). I sent him the above video because it was his era of car driving and this was his response:

Thanks... When I think of Laguna, I still think of the old course, before they added that stuff in the infield. One time at a BMW press day I went out in a 5 Series and took about 10 laps--can't remember my lap time, but it was decent. I was sure the car didn't have more than half a second or so left in it.
 David Hobbs raced for BMW in the IMSA series, and he was giving demo rides. I handed him the key and got into the passenger seat. On his second lap, he went four seconds quicker than my best time, driving with one hand, pointing out the apexes and telling a story about a hot blonde TV producer who was filming a commercial. That's when I realized I wasn't going to be a racing driver....

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