04 March 2014


Can you believe Russia invaded the Ukraine? What kind of country invades a sovereign nation on false pretenses? That's just the worst kind of , wait, hold on...

It appears that the good old US of A may have been involved in some type of similar situation recently. I'm trying to remember what it was... Wait for it... Ohh, that's right. The war in Iraq. Well at least it's over now. What's that?

Oh it's not over. Still going on. Okay then. Never mind.

So if you're wondering why Putin, et. al. think Kerry (and Obama) are huge asshats when they make noise about Russia being proactive in the Crimea just remember that they share a border and there a lot of ethnic Russians there. Not saying the land grab is right or wrong, just laying out some facts. Another fact: the US invades whatever country it wants, whenever it wants. It's only an issue when someone else does it.

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