24 March 2014

Fully Committed: Future Islands on Letterman

This is some straight up white people music, although the vocal may remind you of John Newman singing with Rudimental. (Also white people music.)

The performance, it is something. Dude just goes for it. It is so unabashed, so over the top, so completely and utterly IDGAF, so earnest, that it pierces David Letterman's adamantium-grade cynicism and turns him into an actual fan. That takes some doing. Game recognizes game, as it were.

Keep in mind it's about 3 in the afternoon, cold room, crowd of bullshit tourists that waited in line to see Letterman. Basically the worst possible situation for a show, unless you're playing at 9 AM to nobody at a festival. Guy doesn't care. He brings it 100%. Respect.

Not surprisingly, the studio version of the song is really good. If you're into that sort of thing. Which, like Dave says: I'll take all of that you got.

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