30 March 2014

Everyone Was Young Once

Me on the Left
Sometimes I forget how old I am because I don't have kids and I'm not married and I still play Titanfall Battlefield as much as I like. And then one of my married friends with kids sends me a reminder. Like this one from Big Cheese (pictured, R). Thanks. I guess.

Sweet Katie took that actual picture a lifetime ago on an actual camera with film that had to be developed by businesses that existed for that very purpose. They're all gone now, like record stores.

Special bonus shout out to the Sunnyvale State University t-shirt, which I borrowed from my cousin and subsequently wore on the regular until it disintegrated. He wasn't happy about that. Turns out it was a somewhat unique item. Not least because there is no such thing as Sunnyvale State University. They sold them at an orchard for a while, but I think that's all paved over now. I could not find one online in my quick search. Even the string "sunnyvale state university" only returned a few results. Like I said: old.


Anonymous said...

actually took note of the t-shirt when I found this.
but more importantly what is the story with titanfall? you over it?

Sweet Katie said...

I remember this, way back in the day! This was over 20 years ago. Miss your pretty face CCF.

Anonymous said...

My wife: Oh my god. I don't even really recognize him.