18 February 2014

Not Strictly True: Lone Survivor Movie

This is late but I wanted to do some reading before I got caught up.
The Lone Survivor movie marketed itself as being based on true events. It was a hell of a long way from anywhere close to accurate. The most egregious error is the number of men that ambush and kill the Navy SEALs in Operation Red Wings. The head bad guy that organized the ambush made a video of the attack. There were 8 men in the video. Eight. Even if he had a few more that didn't want to be in the video (possible, though highly unlikely) then he may have had as many as twelve. That's not quite the 50 (!!) mentioned in Michael P. Murphy's MoH summary of action, nor is it the 30-40 in his MoH Citation. And it is far less than the number depicted in the movie.

Whatever. Hollywood is bullshit and makes stuff up. We knew that. The military is bullshit and makes stuff up. We knew that too.

Except: What chaps me is that Muphy's summary of action doesn't need to be embellished. His acts of bravery and sacrifice are beyond compare regardless of how many people were trying to kill him and his team. Tell the truth about that shit. It matters.

For a full accounting of the inaccuracies, go here: http://www.onviolence.com/?e=770

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