08 February 2014

Keeps Me Busy, and Another Hit from Sander van Doorn

Long blog posts are in short supply because I haven't had time to sit down and write something thoughtful. I only have a limited number of brain cells and it's tough to get them all going the same direction. SQUIRREL. Plus TT and work means I am doing busy at least 8 hours a day, 7 days a week. In related news I am tired all the time. Plus: homework. But also: hot girls in yoga pants. Shed no tears for me.

At least I'll get plenty of rest this weekend. Except I won't because my peep is visiting from the East. I'm hoping jet lag slows him down or I might die. I don't mean I might die in the "oh that sucks you're so hung over" sense. I mean it in the "oh damn that's too bad he's dead he was a cool guy" sense. Yikes.

On to the music! This delicious slice of Big Room Cheese from Sander van Doorn goes out to (who else?) Big Cheese. There was a time that I would listen to this sort of jam on repeat as loud as possible. And by "there was a time" I mean "yesterday". Autotune? Yes. Catchy hook? Check. Trite lyrics about being young and YOLO and similar bullshit? OH HELL YES. This is a hammer.

Full track comes out in a few days. This song is going to be a smash hit for sure. Sometimes the world needs a slice of cheese. Don't fight it. 

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Anonymous said...

that is indeed a lot of cheese