26 February 2014


Visited with Friend Ryan earlier in the week. He always laughs at me because as soon as I come in we shake hands hello and then I immediately sit down on the ground with the dogs and hug and kiss them for about 5 minutes or until they settle down, whichever is longer. No time for chat, first we have to get the hugs out of the way.

Apparently some people that visit worry about stuff like dog hair and slobber and the occasional bump or bruise when they get rambunctious. I am not one of those people. I am the opposite of those people. The dogs love it when I come over. SO MANY HUGZ AND KISSES.

One of his pups is Brutus, who he found at an abandoned foreclosure home and rescued. Brutus was about 35 lbs when he was found starving and chained to a fence in a dirt yard. Just skin and bones and his enormous noggin. He had sores and fleas and worms and various other ailments related to slowly starving to death while chained up in a small space. Friend Ryan called up his then girlfriend (now wife) and said, "honey, I think we're getting another dog." (Friend Ryan is good people.) That was about 4 years ago now and Brutus has grown into an enormous (90 lbs!!) beast ball of sugar. It's very good that Ryan adopted him because the shelters are already stuffed full of pit bull mixes. Plus he went to a very good home and is loved.

Next time I visit I will get some photos of his other dog, Roxy. She is even sweeter than Brutus, and although she is half his size she bosses Brutus around. 

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Sweet Katie said...

Butch always loves your visits, and we do too! It has been so long since we've seen you.