05 December 2007

it's not a bad angle, it's that you have a huge ass

I hate to be the one to pile on, but Jennifer Love Hewitt is responding to recent photos that were posted on the intarnets. I appreciated the cogent analysis over on wwtdd, but the story has gotten so much press that you can also see a video summary over on CNN.

What the CNN story/video doesn't show is any of the pictures that prompted the reaction from Ms. Hewitt. That's ridiculous, since it's the whole point of the story.

Here's the deal: Hollywood stars often don't look all that good unless they're backlit and made-up and so forth. Most people don't; it's a known thing. Also, they sometimes take unflattering pictures just like everyone else. This is not news. There are some exceptions, but Hewitt is not one of them.

You can walk down the street (well, maybe not where you live, but I can) and see women just as hot as women in movies/magazines. It's easy for guys idealize the airbrushed FHM and Maxim sluts and forget that there are beautiful women all around you.

What is news is that Jennifer Love Hewitt has a huge fat ass and she used to be hot. She's still pretty cute, but with a huge fat ass. Some people probably like her more now. But let's not pretend this is a "body-image issue" or "invasive picture from a bad angle" issue.

aside: Hewitt didn't have a "body-image" problem back when she was making bad horror films in a bra, pre-fatty. It's only happening now. Weird. And hypocritical.

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Sam said...

It's will come as no surprise that I couldn't agree with you more. Jennifat Love Fattett is just fat now. Case closed.

It will also come as no surprise that there will be bazillions of morons who get convinced she's not fat, simply because she says so. Despite the unedited pictures that tell the real story. And it's worth mentioning that these morons are the same morons who watch Oprah. Every day.

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