10 December 2007

flood averted, also: ricky hatton got pummeled

I wrote about finding water (where no water should be) in my house last week. Turns out it was probably a spill. I say 'probably' because the roommates won't cop to it. Whatever. I had the plumber over to take a look and we couldn't find anything. No pipes, no water from above, nothing. so it was a $40 false alarm. and I have to patch some drywall in the garage. I'm not pumped to patch the drywall, but I'm glad I don't have a leaky pipe in the floor.

in other news, Ricky Hatton got beat up by Floyd Mayweather. I bought the fight, and it was worth my $55 to watch instead of waiting. Overall it was a good fight. Hatton got rocked w/ wicked accurate punches while he pushed Mayweather around the ring, and eventually Mayweather got tired of getting pushed around and knocked him out. Mayweather is an accurate and fast puncher; Hatton is a good fighter, but not in Mayweather's class, and it showed on Saturday.

dog pictured is available for adoption at the Irvine Animal Care Center. He looks like a weird mismatch of parts, frankensteined together. Why are his front legs so short? Why does he have such a huge cranium? I'll let you now how he behaves when I visit with him on wednesday.
great job today.

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