30 October 2007

gransfors bruks: because less is more

Saw this in the Outside gear guide. The gear "guide" is a a big advertising brochure jerk-off, but every now and then they feature something exceptional. Like the Gransfors Bruks splitting maul. This thing kicks ass.

Any axe/maul/splitting wedge that comes with it's own book is my kind of tool. I share it with you because it's an example of simplicity as a hallmark of good design. This should be in a museum, but you can buy one for yourself. That is a unique combination.

The original website (in english) has all the information, but you can't buy there. You can get your own at Gransfors.us, but they don't come cheap. You get what you pay for in bespoke tools.


Anonymous said...

you live is so cal why the hell would you need an ax? cutting down kindling so your condo wouldn't burn?
random. then again randominity is why i read this thing. not sure randominity is a word but it should be

Sam said...

You're MY kind of tool.

PS - Good foot.