25 October 2007

Clapton, pre-Fender; headaches; the apocalypse; anniversaries

We're all over the place in this post.

That's a photo of Eric Clapton, a man synonymous with the Fender Stratocaster, holding (and, one presumes, playing) a Gibson Les Paul. It's fun because you would probably never see it today. Photo courtesy AP and the CNN website. and the magic of the interweb.

got a tooth filled yesterday. dentist left the filling too high and I had to go back this morning and get it shaved down some more. still have the headache, though. sweet.

The apocalypse continues down here in SoCal. It's raining ash but at least it's not blocking out the sun today (like it did on Monday). All my peeps have been lucky and no one is in immediate danger, but it's still a mess. Miserably hot outside, everything reeks of smoke and ashy filth, air quality is awful, can't open doors or windows, hundreds of thousands of displaced and at-risk people in San Diego, etc. It's bad news. I volunteer at the local animal shelter and people are bringing in animals that are displaced or traumatized by the fire. crazy.

If you're counting, this is pithy, relevant post #300. I think it's been almost exactly two years. Or something. Number milestones are silly and arbitrary (if we had 8 fingers we would celebrate special annis on 8, 16, 24, 32, etc.) but as long as we are keeping track, I'm glad you're here.
love you.

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