12 July 2015

Limited Availability: Back Pain

I've been away from the blog for a while. Not for any good reason (like traveling), but because I hurt my back very badly in yoga class* and have spent the past two weeks either standing up or lying down. Sitting compresses my lower spine and is a no go.

Since I usually do some blogging on the weekend (seated), and I have computer work to do that requires me to stand up all day, I don't have much energy left over to share not-very-interesting comments about the weeks events. Standing in one spot for 8 or 9 hours is fucked. Doing it day after day with chronic back pain is super-duper-mega-fucked. I'm trying to incorporate more variety but that's where I am right now. As a consequence I also haven't been doing much. Work, walking around my neighborhood, watching League of Legends replays on Youtube, reading a book. All things that I can do lying down, except for walking and work.

I will make occasional updates in this space as time and ability allows. When I'm feeling better I will definitely get back on the blog horse with more regular posts. (That sounded awkward but I'm going to leave it.)

See you out there.

* I aggravated a chronic disc injury with some bending and twisting. Felt fine at the time, but a couple hours (and days, and weeks) later: not so much.

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