20 July 2015

Harley Davidson: faster than you from 0-20 MPH; after that, I hope you're not in a hurry

Harley Davidson motorycles are still slow and heavy.
My friend asked about this post so I resurrected it and re-posted the image of the data.

My own motorcycles are long gone but this data is still relevant: Police Harley's are slow as hell after 60 MPH. 


In a headline that I enjoyed (Michigan State Police objectively prove Harleys suck), hellforleather explains the tests that the Michigan staties (stateys?) did on some police models. Whether or not you think Harley's are cool is a matter of opinion, but you cannot argue that they are slooooooooow.

21 seconds to get to 100 MPH? Is that a joke? Yes! But also: No. Almost 25 seconds is a joke. Please note how the numbers are trending - the HD bikes are clearly approaching their top speed. That is pathetic. You don't necessarily need a motorcycle that gets from 0-60 in 2.9 seconds, or goes over 180 MPH (like mine does, supposedly, because I'll never know). But 100 MPH is not unreasonable. Unless it's made in America.

At least the Harley's have an edge in handling.*

* No they don't.

Incidentally, the Concours 14 probably gets from 60-120 MPH more quickly than my 1000 cc bike. That thing is a beast. Sexy Rexy is faster in the corners, though. (Unless I'm riding it. Chicken strips!)

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Shannon Green said...

I didn't understand chicken strips so I had to look it up.

Now I understand and I'm sure that my life will be richer for knowing.

I don't know why I get sucked into these things. I'm a middle aged house wife who works at a church, for pete's sake. I could care less about motorcycles or chicken strips (unless they're from Cane's).

Since you contributed to the wasting of 10 minutes of my life that I'll never get back, I think the least you can do is give me some ideas on how I can work chicken strips into every day conversation.