02 March 2015


This guy is Death's Shadow.

When is someone going to start a youtube channel called "Cephalopodcast" and show videos of cephalopods doing stuff? Because cephalopods are awesome. Just the octopus family alone would be worth hours and hours of entertainment. Then you have your squids, which are often predatory and come in sizes ranging from teeny tiny to 'sea monster'. And also the cuttlefish: kind of a cross between a squid and an octopus. They use camouflage like the octopus (chromatophores FTW!) but tend to be out and a bout a bit more, though they are not pelagic like many squid species. So there's a lot of good stuff there. Let's do this!

I visited the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific and got a kick out of seeing all the creatures. The Giant Pacific Octopus did not make an appearance. They are shy creatures. Oh well. 

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